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Instant Cash Sweepstakes

Posted on May 27, 2010 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Instant Cash Sweepstakes(I.C.S) is an up and coming quiz/survey site where you get paid in cash, tickets, and coins to answer quizzes/surveys for U.S Members Only. The quizzes/surveys can be 3 to 5 questions long as I have seen. The quizzes/surveys can be random questions made by users, identification questions made by I.C.S, or survey type questions made by advertisers. To get money for answering the quizzes/surveys the questions have to be paid for by the advertisers. Since I have joined there have been more advertisers, which means I have been earning more money for answering the questions. You can earn $0.01-$0.07, from what I have been paid.

Now besides earning from the quizzes/surveys you get tickets which are put in the daily drawings of $50. I have not had the pleasure of winning but I think its pretty interesting that there is a daily $50 sweepstakes. To join this sweepstakes you just have to answer the questions you are given each time you log on every 3 hours. Besides the daily sweepstakes there is a $100 sweepstakes at the end of every month. This sweepstakes is for the person who creates the best quiz/survey voted by the users. I have not won this either but I have tried. To enter you just make a quiz/survey every 3 hours. You get 100 tickets for making a quiz and can get any random amount of tickets for answering a quiz.

To get more tickets you can also earn coins, which you can buy more tickets with. To earn coins you simply answer the quizzes. You can win any random amount from the quizzes. Another way to earn more tickets is to boost your Trust Score Level. This is how trustworthy you will be seen. There are 10 levels of trust and the more trust you have the more tickets and coins you can earn per quiz. Another advantage of more trust is you get to take more quizzes, which means more tickets and coins.

Payment is a minimum of $2.00 and a max of $100. To earn more you have to refer more because for each person you refer you can earn 100% of their cash they earn no matter how much they earn. If they win the daily $50 you win $50 and if they win the monthly $100 you win $100. It pays to be active because you will earn more and have more chances to win.

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-Signed Tyler